Welcome to the Mawenzi Hilton

At around midday we arrived at the Mawenzi Tarn Camp, which is at 4288m.

Ascent : 762m
Distance : 4,25 km
Time : 2 hrs 55 minutes

After our long day yesterday it was nice to have a relatively easy day. A few members of the team were nursing altitude headaches, but everyone is now doing fine.

We ended up hiking in overcast misty conditions with much colder temperature than normal.

We plan to stay an additional day at this camp, which will help with the acclimatization process.

We have had a superb lunch prepared by our Kili crew and are relaxing for the rest of the day.

On the trail.

Raj, Tony, Josh, Bush and Swannie

Mawenzi Tarn Camp

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mawenzi Hilton

  1. All the best Pops and Degs, I know you guys can do it, keep it up, one tiny step at a time, Love you Lots. Claire

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