Kilimanjaro expedition team finalised…

We have a group of 14 international climbers from New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe and South Africa ready to take on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro. The team will be led by Tony van Marken who will be on his eighth expedition to Kilimanjaro.

The full team roster is listed on the site under TEAM.

The Kilimanjaro Expedition team will meet on June 27th in Tanzania. We will be staying at the Protea Aishi Hotel and start day 1 of the Rongai Route on June 28th with an expected summit date of July 3rd.

KILIMANJARO 2007 (FROM THE AIR)-07KILIMANJARO MACHAME 2002 TvM_215Kilimanjaro 21092008-16YPO Kilimanjaro Rongai 2009 Day 5 (TVM)-79

8 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro expedition team finalised…

  1. Good luck guys. We will be following your progress all the way. We look forward to seeing you in Jhb on July 9th.
    All our love
    The Plett Aarons

  2. Hi Greg and Matt – Our thoughts are with you and hope all that “training” pays off. Looking forward to following your progress. All the best.

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